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Two parts with corner pins and needle teeth on the surface move relative to each other to tear and release the fiber block in the raw material. The loose part of a feeder. In the picture, the corner nail curtain is connected by wooden rods with corner nails. The fiber block moves up with the corner nail curtain and meets the cylindrical cotton roller with corner nail. Because the distance between the corner nail curtain and the cotton roller is very small, the fiber block is grasped and torn by the corner nail and released. At this time, a part of the loose fiber is exported out of the machine with the corner nail curtain, and the other part is shot down by the cotton roller, and then it is brought back between the two by the corner nail curtain for repeated loosening. In the process of loosening, the fibers move to each other, the density of fiber blocks decreases, the connection between fibers and impurities weakens, and some impurities with small adhesion are separated.

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