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Explain the function of pressure device of flowering machine

When it comes to flowering machine, ordinary consumers who may not understand it will mistake it for agricultural equipment according to its name. In fact, this kind of equipment is a kind of common textile raw material processing equipment. In the use of the equipment, a kind of pressure device will be found. Its function is to pull up and pressurize. Do you know about it? Today, Jinan xinjinlong shares with you the function of the pressure device of the equipment.


The function of the pressure device is to press the pull-up and make the pull-up rotate with the pull-down, so that the jaws formed by the two can effectively hold the fiber and make it helpless. The pressure is related to the type of drawing, the drawing ratio, the drawing distance, the quantity of feeding tow and the type of fiber. The pressure source includes hammer, magnet, spring, air pressure, etc. Old machines used weights and magnets to pressurize, but they were eliminated with the development of chemical fiber spinning and heavy pressing requirements. Spring compression is now widely used. YJ series spring cradle is used for cotton spinning.

1. Spring cradle, three pull-up shafts are respectively embedded into the grooves of three pressure claws. Each pressure claw can rotate around its supporting axis. The middle part of the claw bears the pressure of the spiral spring. In addition to the front up pulling pressing claw, the position of other pressing claws on the frame body can be adjusted according to the pulling distance C. The frame body can rotate around the shaft a fixed on the frame. By pressing down the cradle body with the operating handle, the t can be pulled down for 1 m and pressed down; at the same time, the handle can be lifted to pull down and release the pressure, and the cradle body can continuously rise for an angle, so as to clean the drafting elements, etc. The advantages of spring seat pressurization are large pressure, light structure, convenient operation of pressurization and decompression, convenient replacement of leather ring, rubber strip and cleaning of car. Its disadvantage is that there are strict requirements for spring material and heat treatment, otherwise the long-term use pressure will drop.

2. The pneumatic cradle of flowering machine adopts pneumatic cradle on the Yina drafting device and Lida drafting device. The compressed air supplied by the air compressor enters the air water separation needle through the one-way valve, and then enters the hose air bag on the spinning frame through the pressure reducing chamber. The hose airbag is installed in the round pipe behind the pull seat, and each bracket has a pressure bar which contacts the air bag through the pressure plate. The locking mechanism of the cradle is composed of a trolley, a cradle body, a pressure bar and a cradle seat, forming a four link BCDE, where point C is the recess on the convex head of the pressure bar.

The action program of each working state is as follows:

① Pressurization state: press down the vehicle. When point C is on the left side of the de line, the support is in the pressurized state, and the air pressure is transmitted to the pressure rod. The protruding head of the pressure bar transmits the force to the rotor on the handle ed to make the handle press tightly on the bracket body. The rear distribution rod and front distribution rod installed on the bracket body transmit the force to the front, middle and rear Leather Silver to complete the downward pressure.

② Pressure relief state: lift the handle upward, and the midpoint D of the upper rotor rotates around point E. When point C is on the right side of point E, the force of the pressure bar convex head will make the handle upward and separate from the cradle body, so as to realize the pressure relief of Lee stretch

③ Lifting state: continue to lift the handle upward to make the cradle body rotate around point a to lift, and the important official e falls into the groove of the pressure bar, so that the cradle body can be supported without falling.

The content of the above is to introduce the role of flowering machine pressure device, I hope it can help you. If you want to know more about the opener, please pay attention to our website and look forward to your consultation.

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