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Introduce the characteristics of the opening machine and related maintenance work

The maintenance of equipment is an important measure to prolong the service life of the equipment. Among them, the opener is a common equipment in the textile industry, which saves a lot of labor. However, for this kind of equipment with high utilization rate, some people still don't understand the maintenance, which will seriously affect the use effect. Today, Jinan xinjinlong introduces its characteristics and related maintenance work.


Flowering machine is a kind of machine which is used to open up various materials of chemical fiber, fiber, cotton, wool and rag.

The number of spinnable fibers is contained in the equipment, and the flowering effect and impurity removal effect are different due to different structures. Therefore, different requirements and different methods are used. The blooming of cotton in cotton spinning is an independent process and stops on the opening and cleaning machine; The equipment is composed of feeding roller or feeding roller and an opening cylinder. The opening cylinder is equipped with corner pins and comb needles. To open carefully, the cylinder can be installed and stripped. The radian of dust grid, the number of dust rods and the spacing of dust bars are not opposite in different flowering machines. They are used according to the properties of raw materials and processing requirements; Cotton spinning processing raw cotton uses the process of loosening first and then beating, early falling and less crushing. The number of blows is added within a certain range to improve the opening quality of fiber raw materials. The fiber raw materials are slowly fed into the machine with the grip shape, and are hit by high-speed rotary beaters. One part of the loose fiber materials are transported into the machine with the corner nail curtain, and the other part is shot down by the cotton roller, and then it is brought back between the two through the corner nail curtain and stops In wool spinning, the raw wool should be opened and combined with washing, drying and wool blending machine, and the opening and cleaning machine and wool blending machine should be combined according to the yardstick.

The daily maintenance of the opener includes:

1. For sliding bearing and tensioning sprocket, add a few drops of mechanical oil every day.

2. The chain drips several drops of oil per shift to keep oil film.

3. Eat the flower stalk square cloth, and add oil twice per shift.

4. Proper amount of oil should be added to the reducer. When the gear is turned by hand, it is better to take oil with the gear.

5. Clean and change the oil every half a year, and often open the small top cover to check the oil storage in the box.

6. When the new machine is used for the first time, lubricate each part.

7. It is necessary to clean the reducer and change the oil if it is reused after a long time.

The above is about the detailed explanation of the maintenance work of the opener. If you want to know more about the flowering machine, please pay attention to our website. We will continue to push the relevant product content for you and look forward to your consultation.

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