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Opening machine operation How to loosen it?

The so-called loosening is the process of uncoupling the fiber raw materials entangled with each other through the opening machine, and in this process, the impurities in the raw materials are removed. So, do you know what loosening method is used in this equipment? Let's learn about it with xinjinlong today.


The loosening process also has a lot of help to the use of saving materials, which has been favored and welcomed by the majority of users.

The blooming machine is mainly used to release fibers, cotton, textiles and other materials, so that large entangled fibers can be torn into small pieces or strings, and the mixed impurities can be removed during the release process. The blooming equipment with different structures produced by the manufacturer will have different effects on flowering, mixing and impurity removal. Therefore, different types of blooming machines should be used according to the different requirements of the production line, and the shedding machine should be selected according to the processing of raw materials, and the opened fiber will be sent to the carding machine.

What is the loosening method of the opener

The blades, wings, corner pins or needle teeth on the high-speed rotating striking mechanism of the flowering machine strike the feeding fiber raw material or pierce into the fiber layer at the same time for segmentation and carding. The equipment can destroy the connection between the fiber and impurities, thus further loosening the fiber and removing impurities. Beating is usually carried out on the basis of stretching. After beating, the fiber blocks can be loosened into smaller ones, which can deal with a small amount of impurities and change the structure of semi-finished products.

According to the feeding method of the opening equipment to the fiber material, the loosening effect can be divided into two forms: keeping blowing and free blowing. The fiber material is slowly fed in the holding state and is hit by the high-speed rotating agitator. If the fiber material is fed in the free state and hit by the agitator, it is called free beating. The fiber layer vibrates and deforms under the impact of the handle, and the bundles are loosened into many smaller fibers. If the feeding speed of fiber raw material is maintained well and the loosening speed is also increased, the looseness of fiber can be changed.

For the opening machine loose method introduced here, I hope to bring you a certain degree of help. If you want to know more about flowering machine knowledge, welcome to pay attention to our website dynamic, we will serve you wholeheartedly and look forward to your consultation.

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