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HOME >> TECHNOLOGY >>Technical solutions >> This paper introduces several important steps of maintaining the opening machine

This paper introduces several important steps of maintaining the opening machine

In the normal textile industry, the use of loosening machine is indispensable. Without this equipment, it is impossible to carry out preliminary processing for raw materials. Therefore, the maintenance of the equipment is related to whether the work efficiency can be maintained. Therefore, in addition to strengthening the management of the staff, the manufacturer should pay more attention to the maintenance of the equipment.


(1) Cleaning of the whole machine

1. Open the protective cover outside the pressure gauge of the equipment, open the control box, and clean the whole vehicle. Blow off the bristles in the electromagnetic clutch (which is the key part of the fire accident) to wipe off the oil stains around the pedal box. Clean the filaments in the control box.

2. Loosen the warp and take out the fancy wool under the heald and breast. There are too many flowers and hairs under the chest beam, which will damage the air pipe of auxiliary nozzle. There are too many flowers and hair at the bottom of the steel box, which can easily cause the box road or damage the street teeth.

3. Blow off the cotton lint under the heald frame hinge, remove the oil stains under the cloth roller, blow off the cotton wool on the side of the motor, and then carry out the cleaning work at the back of the machine.

4. Cleaning of weft storage device: clean up the flying flowers in the winding disc and around the tension device.

5. Cleaning of selvage machine: the cleaning of selvage head is the key to reduce burr and defect, which needs careful cleaning.

(2) Check the bobbin device and tension device of the opener

1. Eliminate the dust and accumulated filaments between the roller edge sliders.

2. Check the needle guides and yarn guides to keep them smooth.

3. Check that the warp lines are correct and the twisted edges work.

4. Check that the tension proximity switch and damper are working and the screws are loose.

(3) Inspection of side brace

1. If conditions permit, there should be side bracing.

2. When there is no condition, remove the side brace and carefully check whether the teeth of the side brace are bent or damaged.

3. Check whether the gear ring of the side support rotates flexibly, and take off the wire at the gear ring

4. Carefully check the two nylon rings for wear, as one will reduce the tensile effect and the other will cause wear marks on the cloth surface after the nylon ring is damaged.

5. The assembly specification of side brace should be strictly required. In particular, the selvage at the side support, the warp at the steel box edge and the warp at the heald frame edge need to be in a straight line. This is because of the high speed of loom, high friction force and nonstandard assembly of side support, which may lead to edge defects and wear steel box easily.

The above is the maintenance of the opener several important steps of analysis, I hope to help you. If you want to know more about flowering machine knowledge, welcome to pay attention to our website dynamic, we will continue to push the relevant product content for you, looking forward to your consultation.

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