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How to remove impurities by using flowering machine?

In the textile industry, there is a kind of equipment is very important, it plays a fundamental role in the entire industrial process, this kind of equipment is flowering machine. So how much do you know about this kind of equipment? How does it carry out the miscellaneous work? Today, Jinan xinjinlong shares the process of its miscellaneous work.


Before using the flowering machine, it is suggested that we should learn and understand it first, and be familiar with the operation process and use specification of the equipment, so as to avoid unnecessary fault caused by wrong use.

For fiber materials, the flowering process is done manually at the beginning. For example, in the case of wool, the wool Bush is torn, shaken by hand, then beaten with a stick or loosened with a bow string. For seed cotton, the seed and fiber are separated by hand, and then bowstring elastic fiber is used. Until the emergence of flowering equipment, more raw materials need to be stored, the transportation of raw materials needs to be reduced, and then the loose fiber materials are bundled into packages, which needs to find a mechanical method for raw material loosening and impurity removal. Since then, there have been a variety of opening equipment to meet the needs of people.

Flowering machine is mainly used to loosen fiber, cotton, textiles and other materials. By tearing, large tangled fibers are loosened into small pieces or bundles. At the same time, the loosening process is accompanied by mixing and impurity removal. The flowering effect, mixing effect and impurity removal effect of different structural equipment are obviously different, so different types of equipment should be used in different production lines. It can also be used according to the raw material, and the fiber after flowering can be sent to the carding machine for processing.

Miscellaneous introduction:

In order to remove impurities from raw materials, a grid dust grid composed of several dust rods is generally installed. Due to the rapid rotation of the opener, the separated fiber blocks and impurities are thrown into the dust grid and collide with the dust rods. The fiber blocks are trapped by the dust rods of the blooming equipment, and the impurities fall from the dust rod gap of the blooming equipment. Then, the fiber block moves forward under the impact of the equipment again and the air flow. Different types of machinery, the radian of dust grid, the number of dust rods and the spacing between dust rods are also different, so it is necessary to select and use appropriate equipment according to the nature of raw materials and processing requirements.

The content introduced in the above is how to carry out the detailed process of impurity removal, I hope you can help us. If you want to know more about flowering machine, please pay attention to our website and look forward to your consultation.

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