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How to identify the quality of the opening machine

Opener is a common textile raw material processing equipment, is the basic equipment in the textile industry, related to the operation of the entire production line. Therefore, the quality of this kind of equipment is very important. Today, xinjinlong introduces how to identify the quality of the opener, hoping to help you.


It is reflected in the quality indexes and falling objects of semi-finished products (fiber roll or fiber layer) after opening. These include:

1. Type and quantity of impurities and defects in semi-finished products;

2. Structure and uniformity of semi-finished products;

3. The content of short fiber in semi-finished products;

4. The opening degree of fiber block is expressed by the average weight of fiber block (g / block), unit volume weight (kg / m3) or terminal velocity of free settlement of fiber block in air;

5. The number of spinnable fibers contained in the drop.

In order to further improve the opening quality of fiber raw materials and yarn quality, the main development direction of opening process is: to improve the form and structure of opening machine parts, widely use taker in roller, card beater or carding roller to improve the opening degree of fiber block and the structure and uniformity of semi-finished products; To strengthen the pre opening of fiber raw materials, in the process of opening, more free striking should be used and less grip striking should be used; air flow and other methods of opening and removing impurities should be used to avoid fiber damage and impurity fragmentation, so as to reduce the yarn forming defects.

We hope that the content above can be helpful in identifying the content. If you want to know more about the opener knowledge, welcome to pay attention to our website, we will continue to push the relevant product content for you, looking forward to your consultation.

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