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The knowledge of flowering machine is analyzed from many aspects

As a kind of large-scale mechanical equipment which can remove impurities, the main function of flowering machine is to release the compressed and entangled fiber materials and remove impurities. So what do you know about this kind of equipment? Today, Jinan xinjinlong analyzes the relevant knowledge of this equipment from many aspects.


All kinds of fiber materials used in spinning, such as raw cotton, wool, chemical staple fiber, cotton, hemp, polyester, rags, etc., are mostly transported into textile mills in bales. The packing density of raw materials is generally 200-650 kg / m3, while the packing density of raw cotton in China is about 330-400 kg / m3. In order to produce high quality spinning yarn, it is necessary to loosen the raw materials, remove various impurities and mix them evenly. The opening quality of fiber raw materials has an important influence on the quality of semi-finished products and yarn, as well as material saving.


The function of the opener:

It is mainly used to release fibers, cotton, textiles and other materials. By tearing, large tangled fibers are released into small pieces or bundles. At the same time, there are mixing and impurity removing functions in the process of loosening. Generally, it is composed of a pair of feeding rollers or feeding rollers and a loosening cylinder. The opening cylinder is equipped with corner pins, comb needles, card clothing or porcupine hitters. To open the cylinder more carefully, some are equipped with work rolls and stripping rolls. Therefore, different types of equipment should be used to produce different effects. We can also select the opener according to the raw materials, and feed the fiber after flowering into the carding machine for processing.

The main classification of flowering machine is as follows:

Let's introduce its classification: ppcotton opener, cloth end opener, polyester staple fiber opener, silk spinning opener, airflow opener, triple serrated drum dry linen opener, textile waste opener, dust suction opener, doll cotton opener, etc.

Features of loosening machine:

1. High strength, compact model and reasonable structure.

2. All transmission parts adopt bearing rotation, with low failure rate, stable and reliable performance.

3. With the application of serrated roller, the raw materials need not be cut off, but can be fed directly. The processing capacity is large and the effect of opening and removing impurities is good.

For flowering machine related knowledge introduced here, I hope to be able to help you. If you want to know more about the opener, please pay attention to our website and look forward to your consultation.

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