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The manufacturer explains the daily cleaning, maintenance and operation of the opener

In the textile raw material processing industry, the opening machine is an essential equipment. As a large-scale impurity removal machine, the machine is mainly used for the release of textile raw materials. Therefore, the daily cleaning and maintenance of the equipment is directly related to the output and quality of the later products. Therefore, in addition to strengthening the management of the staff, the regular maintenance of the equipment is very important. Today, Jinan xinjinlong explains its daily maintenance skills for you.


In the cleaning work of the opener, it is necessary to open the protective cover on the pressure surface of the equipment, open the control box, and do a good job in cleaning. The main task is to clean up the hair in the electromagnetic clutch, and the oil stains around the step plate box. It is necessary to clean the hair in the control box. When checking the roller device and tension device of the equipment, remove the accumulated hair on the edge of the roller, and check the guide needle and yarn guide device to keep them smooth. Check the looseness of the screw when checking the equipment.

Operating steps of the opener.

1. When the opener starts feeding crops, it must wait for the machine to run normally before feeding continuously and evenly.

2. During the operation, the motor condition, sound and bearing temperature should be observed at any time.

3. In the process of work, the staff should tie up the clothes and sleeves, and put on the masks and working caps.

4. When feeding raw materials, pay attention to check whether the raw materials contain hard objects, so as to avoid damaging the machine and affecting personal safety.

5. When dealing with machine problems, wait until the engine stops.

The manufacturer suggests regular inspection of the opener. During the inspection, carefully check whether the side brace of the equipment is bent or damaged. Because the requirements for the assembly specification of the side brace of the equipment are relatively high, if the side brace is damaged or the position assembly is not standardized, the operation process of the equipment will be affected. Therefore, the inspection and maintenance of the equipment should be done well It is also a process of maintaining equipment.

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