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What is the working principle of the cleaning machine

The development of economy has led to the development of textile industry. The cleaning machine is a common equipment in the textile industry, which is used to remove impurities in cotton and roll into pieces. For those who are not familiar with the cleaning machine, what is its working principle? Next, let's talk about it for you?


The cleaning machine can adjust the width of cotton and roll the large wooden tube. It is a special machine for processing cotton tire, which integrates cotton pressing and kneading and dust collection by fan. This machine is suitable for cleaning and opening all kinds of lint, old quilt and short chemical fiber.

The working principle of the cleaning machine is: the cotton wadding to be processed is evenly spread on the cotton feeding curtain and pulled to the taker in roller. Due to the rotation of the roller, the cotton layer is continuously fed under the strong grip of the feeding roller. When the hook and friction force of the saw tooth on the cotton wadding is greater than the holding force, the fiber that is carding in the cotton wadding is gradually taken away by the taker in roller. Cotton wadding is separated into single fiber state. Under the high-speed operation of taker in roller, a large centrifugal inertia force will be generated, and impurities will be continuously thrown out along the tangent direction of the drum outer circle.

At present, the cleaning machine is widely used in cotton spinning, wool spinning, a variety of chemical fibers, hemp spinning, waste clothing, textile leftovers, non-woven fabrics and other textile raw materials; it is suitable for the processing and production of textile, toys, clothing, shoe-making, knitting chemical fiber, waste processing and other industries. Although the function of the machine is similar to that of the spring machine, the materials processed are different: the spring cleaner is more suitable for processing cotton yarn, small cloth ends, hemp, chemical fiber and other materials; the flower machine is suitable for processing old and new cotton and wool. The cotton fiber is rearranged to achieve fluffy effect.

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