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Installation case of Jinan opening machine


The blades, wings, corner pins or needle teeth on the high-speed rotating percussion parts (commonly known as beaters) are used to strike the feeding fiber raw materials or pierce into the fiber layer at the same time for segmentation and carding, thus destroying the bonding force between fibers and between fibers and impurities, so as to further release fiber blocks and remove impurities. Loosening is usually carried out on the basis of pulling loose. After loosening, the fiber block can be released to smaller size, and the fine impurities can be removed. At the same time, the structure and uniformity of semi-finished products are improved. According to the feeding method of fiber raw materials, the loosening effect can be divided into two forms: holding and free striking. The fiber raw material is slowly fed in the holding state and is hit by a high-speed rotary beater, which is called gripping strike. If the fiber material is fed in a free state and is hit by a thug, it is called free strike. The fiber layer vibrates and deforms under the action of grip impact, and the tendrils are released into many smaller fiber blocks. Due to the larger impulse of the hitter's impact on the whole whisker cluster, the release degree of fiber block is higher. If the feeding amount of fiber material is kept constant per unit time and the rotation speed of beater is increased, the degree of release can be improved. When the fiber raw material is hit freely. According to the principle of dynamics, the impulse of the impact force acting on the fiber block particle is equal to the change of momentum within the action time of the impulse. Under the action of the impact force, the fiber block deforms and looses and obtains a new velocity. When the impact force is greater than the connection force between the fibers, the fibers will be released. On the contrary, when the connection force between the fibers is large enough, the whole fiber block will move at the speed of the loosening machine. Therefore, the effect of free striking is relatively mild, and the degree of fiber damage and impurity fragmentation is very small. In spinning production, the beating form and machine parts are determined mainly according to the properties of fiber raw materials and the preparation before loosening. The commonly used loosening machine parts include corner pin roller, comb cylinder and serrated roller, as well as porcupine beater (also known as porcupine cylinder), wing type beater, comb needle beater, comprehensive beater and toothed beater.

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