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  • Do you dare to say that you have untied the delivery machine?

    There are a lot of disordered fiber items that need to be loosened by the conveyor. As we all know, once the fiber is entangled, it will not only have a great impact on the use experience, but also affect the beauty. Just like cotton, the cotton before and after loosening is not the same at all, so this machine is widely used at present. Let's take a look Get up and learn more about this machine.The opener is a kind of large equipment which can remove impurities. It can loosen compressed and

  • Do you know everything about the use of the opening machine?

    I believe you will not be unfamiliar with the opening equipment. The opening equipment is a well-known flying shovel equipment in recent years. With the wide application of the opening equipment in recent years, many partners are curious about what the opening equipment is for. In fact, the opening equipment is used for fiber loosening. The cotton we use is the loosening equipment. Let&#39;s go with this article To understand the use of the opener bar, I hope to help you in front of the screen.T

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